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Nutritional Therapy 30-day package:

Our 30-day package is designed to help you achieve your health goals through nutritional intervention and coaching

Why the 30-day package?

  • Old habits die hard and in order to change eating habits a staged approach is key. We are aiming for sustainable change – not fad diets!
  • By introducing small incremental changes we create new habits that will last.
  • We provide ongoing motivation, support and accountability
  • We monitor progress and adjust the programme as necessary
  • All our advice is science and evidence based

What does this package include?

  • You will be requested to fill in a health questionnaire and a 3-day food diary prior to your initial appointment, which will be analysed prior to your appointment
  • Initial 90 minute appointment (face-to-face or Skype) to establish your health goals, symptoms, medical history and define your personal health optimisation dietary plan to achieve your health goals.
  • A personalised nutrition programme outlining specific, practical and manageable dietary and lifestyle interventions.
  • Weekly 3 x 40 minute follow up appointments (face-to-face or Skype) to review your state of health, test results if applicable and adjust the programme.
  • Body composition analysis using medically approved ‘Tanita 430 S MA’ machine (face-to-face appointments only)
  • Written report after each appointment
  • Handouts, meal suggestions and recipes
  • 10% discount on supplements via The Natural Dispensary
  • Interpretation of functional test results (if applicable)

What does this package exclude?

  • Costs of supplements and functional / diagnostic tests.

We may recommend functional tests and supplements at additional costs depending on your state of health and presenting symptoms. Rationale and costs will be discussed with you during the initial consultation. Example of tests are:

  • stool test for gut bacteria and parasites
  • saliva tests for stress hormones
  • urine test for female hormones and stress hormones
  • blood test for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

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Corporate Clients

Talks and seminars

Seminars, talks and workshops on a topic of the client’s interest.
Examples include:

  • Greater energy through nutrition
  • Healthy eating for busy people
  • Eating well on the go
  • Brain health and nutrition
  • Stress management through nutrition and lifestyle
  • Boost your immune system naturally
  • Improving sleep naturally
  • Digestion and gut health

Wellbeing programmes

Tailor made, corporate nutrition based wellbeing programmes, for groups of employees, or individual nutritional therapy sessions for staff. We adjust our programmes to your requirements, whether it is a one off presentation or workshop on a topic of your interest (e.g. energy optimisation, stress help, improving digestion etc.) or a series of workshops with tracking progress through physical assessments and employee surveys.

On-site one-to-one staff consultations: 

Your employees may not always have the time to think about their diet and lifestyle. We can bring the information to them, in the workplace.

  • Initial one-to-one appointment (1 hour) to establish health goals, symptoms, medical history and define your personal health optimisation dietary plan, to achieve health goals.
  • A health questionnaire and a 3-day food diary to be filled in prior to the initial appointment.
  • We will devise and agree a personalised programme that fits in with your lifestyle, budget and dietary preferences. The programme will include the following:
    • An explanation of how your eating habits and lifestyle may be contributing to your symptoms.
    • A personalised nutrition programme outlining specific, practical and manageable dietary and lifestyle interventions.
    • Handouts on your specific health issue, recipes, shopping lists and sample menu plans (if necessary).
    • A supplement programme (if necessary).
    • Recommended diagnostic test (if necessary).

See private clients’ one-to-one consultation packages for other options.

Nutritional advice & menu planning

Evidence based nutritional advice to your area of focus, such as staff cafeteria, vending machines etc. We can review your current menu, identify strengths and weaknesses and suggest practical changes. Alternatively, we can create a brand new menu taking into account your health goals.

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