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Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy

Nutritional Therapy is a scientific and evidence based individualised nutritional approach which is aimed at restoring your natural biochemical balance by addressing underlying imbalances through use of foods, supplements and lifestyle advice. Nutritional Therapy is not a replacement for medical advice and you may be referred to your GP if your symptoms suggest an undiagnosed medical condition.

We provide individual programmes and coaching based on your goals and other factors such as age, genetic predisposition, lifestyle, existing health conditions and medication. Typical goals may include improving digestive symptoms, increasing energy levels, improving skin health and maintaining optimum health under stress.

We will assess your symptoms and apply functional medicine principles to identify a potential underlying imbalance. Functional Medicine aims to address the underlying causes of imbalances instead of addressing the symptoms with the view that the symptoms will improve once the underlying cause is addressed. We may suggest diagnostic tests to establish the cause of your symptoms, in order to devise a targeted nutritional programme.

Your nutritional programme will be personalised and will take into account your eating habits, food preferences and lifestyle. We will work together to ensure that the programme is manageable and sustainable long term and will provide the rationale for every recommendation we make and how it may be effective for your state of health. We will also provide meal suggestions and recipes customised to your personal situation and goals.

When taking advice from any healthcare professional, always check they are appropriately qualified, are registered and belong to a regulated governing body. You don’t need to have a perfect diet to feel better, you just need a targeted, practical and effective nutritional programme that works for you!

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